The Mystery Of Plum Island – The Montauk Monster & More

In July 2008 an unidentified, hairless creature washed ashore near the town of Montauk, New York Dubbed the “Montauk Monster” by the press. First the discussion centered on whether the creature was an elaborate hoax. However talk soon shifted to whether the creature could have been from the mysterious Plum Island.

At the time it was home to the Animal Disease Center and just two miles from the American mainland. The center’s administration had vigorously denied any involvement, yet the facility on the island had been accused of a string of unethical practices. From biological weapons testing to warped genetic practices. But if the monster isn’t a product of Plum Island experiments, what is it they actually do?

Plum Island was owned by a succession of families from 1659 until 1890 when it was given over to military use. The US Army Chemical Corps began work on a series of laboratories in 1952 before ownership was transferred to the Department of Agriculture under advisement from one Erich Traub.

Traub was a leading scientific light in Nazi Germany during
World War Two, and had been suspected of working on the Axis biological warfare program.

Soon after it opened in 1954, Plum Island began studies into foot and mouth disease
This was the same disease Traub was suspected to have worked to weaponize during the war. The official purpose of the facility was to research effective preventative measures against agricultural diseases, Given the devastating effect it could have on an economy This is not all that strange. That was until In 2001 one of the worst outbreaks of foot and mouth in the UK cost the British economy over five and a half billion dollars.

However local people had been increasingly concerned with Plum Island’s other, less publicized activities. For decades authorities denied reports that they had participated in biological warfare programs. This is despite allegations from Cuba that their agriculture had been infected by the US with the deadly Newcastle virus The same Newcastle virus which Erich Traub, advisor to Plum Island, had worked on during the war. Documents uncovered by Newsweek magazine in 1993 appeared to confirm the suspicions of a history of bio-weapons research.

Officially these programs were discontinued in 1969 by President Richard Nixon
However locals such as Randy Sykes are not convinced, as the local area appears to suffer from regular disease outbreaks

In 1978, Lyme disease appeared a mere 13 miles away from the facility, which was quickly blamed by the sufferers. In 1999 the West Nile virus, another of Dr Traub’s areas of specialty, was found for the first time in the United States. Interestingly the first recorded human cases in the US are cited as being found in Queens, New York; approximately 90 miles from Plum Island. The USDA has dismissed both cases as merely coincidence, and issued no explanation for West Nile Virus sudden appearance. Meanwhile theorists such as Jesse Ventura allege that at best the powers that be are negligent and that the outbreaks have been covered up accidents

The Department of Homeland Security, the current owners closed the facility in 2005 and moved it’s inner workings to a new facility located in Manhattan, Kansas that’s set to open in 2021.

If you’d like a much more in depth analysis of the history of plum island, the montauk monster and all legends associated with the story. Watch the video below.

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