Are We Living In A Simulation? | Simulation Theory Explained

Have you ever questioned reality? Ever wondered if what you’re seeing is truly real?
Almost everyone who has seen the movie the matrix has pondered whether or not our world could be a simulation.

The Matrix Movie Poster

Simulation theory is a scientific hypothesis that states that we are actually living in an advanced digital construct
overseen and or operated by a higher form of intelligence. Not so dissimilar from blockbuster films like the matrix series or total recall among countless others. But is it all science fiction? Or could it truly be reality?

Nick Bostrom Philosopher

In 2003 philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed a trilemma that he called the simulation argument. It is this argument that popularized the modern simulation theory. With this he posed 3 unlikely propositions and argued that one of the three is likely to be true.

1: Human civilizations that reach a posthuman stage is close to zero.

2 Posthuman civilizations that are interested in running simulations of their evolutionary history is close to zero.

3 that all people with our kind of experiences that are living in a simulation is very close to one.

Now lets break that down..

What Bostrom is saying is that human civilizations who have reached a point of great technological development is close to zero
that we know of. And of those hypothetical civilizations very few would be interested in running simulations,
with that technology based on their own evolution. Because of this, with what everyone is simultaneously experiencing right here and right now. We very well could be that ultra-rare evolutionary simulation.

Bostrom believes the third statement to be true. That we are all simply existing as digital representations making the daily individual decisions that lead our species to the post human era. And by existing we help our future descendants understand how and why they got to the point they are at.

It’s complicated and mind blowing to say the least

But just what are the odds that this is true and can scientists test to prove it?

Find out by watching this video now

The Legend Of The Sallie House (The Heartland Ghost)

The Sallie House is a small, two-story brick house on the bluffs of the Missouri River, widely considered to be one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Reportedly the house is haunted by a demonic spirit which disguises itself as a young girl called Sallie.


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