The Terrifying Story Of The Possession of Clara Germana Cele

Most people are familiar with the movie “The Exorcism” and perhaps you are familiar with the story that inspired the movie itself. But the story of Clara Germana Cele has been seemingly forgotten in the over 100 years since it happened.

The Case Of The Werewolf

During an exorcism in Connecticut with the attendance of Ed & Lorraine Warren. Bill Ramsey begins to physically change into a werewolf..

The True Story Of A Haunting In Connecticut

In the late 1980s, one of the most horrific hauntings ever reported was investigated by the seasoned paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The haunting allegedly plagued the entire Snedeker family, who lived in Southington, Connecticut, for years. It is believed that the entities within their home routinely abused them in abominable ways and made their lives a living hell.

Dr. Richard Gallagher & A Woman Named Julia: A Story Of Possession

When intelligent and respected professionals, men and women of science, those who start out skeptical then see things that convince them that demonic possession is a real phenomenon, it makes you stop and say, hey, maybe we should take a real look at this thing.