The Ghostly Screams Of Slaughter House Canyon

Though America’s deserts are vast, empty expanses, they are filled with a brutal and bloody history that has stained not only the earth but the communities surrounded by the strange and mysterious. One such event to this day still draws the attention of those seeking adventure and the thrill of the unknown. That place, is Slaughter House Canyon, Arizona.

In the early 1800’s while the great American gold rush was taking place to the west, many families uprooted themselves in search of riches beyond their possible imaginations only to find sand a frustration. Also known as Luana’s Canyon, just southeast of Kingman county, the place in question is named after the woman who killed her children as she and what was left of her family nearly starved to death in their small wooden shack.

As I am sure many of our readers and listeners probably already know how the story goes, this could be a fun story to tell your own children by the campfire to spook them a little before bedtime. It was said that one day Luana’s husband, whom provided the food and worked for the family had gone out hunting as he always had but this time he had not returned when he was expected to be back. It wasn’t long after that hunger and insanity began to set in as Luana’s screams along with her children’s could be heard coming from within the shack. One day, Luana could no longer watch as her children suffered and out of an act of cruel mercy, ended their lives and tossed their body parts into a near by river.

What makes this story even stranger is that while she committed this atrocious act, Luana wore her wedding dress, staining its pure white fabric red with the blood of her own children. Luana, sitting by the riverbank where she had dumped her child screamed and screamed until she herself had succumbed to starvation. Though not much more information is available, there are some circles who believe that this story is the combination of other dreadful tales, such as the “ Lady in white” and other happenings of the time.

Even more interesting, It has been said that travels in search of the truth have gone to visited the supposed shack in Slaughter House Canyons and have reported hearing Luana’s and her children’s harrowing screams echoing throughout the valley.

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Houska Castle – A Gateway To Hell

Houska Castle is an early gothic castle, located on the slopes of mount Zámecký vrch that overlooks the village of Houska in the Česká Lípa district of the Czech Republic.

The castle was first built around the mid-13th century, with some historians attributing the construction to Přemysl Ottokar II of Bohemia, also called the “Iron” and “Golden King” of the Přemyslid dynasty, to administer his royal estates in the region before the founding of nearby Bezděz Castle.

Other written sources credit the construction to Hynek Berka of Dubá, as the castle is first mentioned in AD 1316 as the property of Hynek of Dubá (a son by the same name), who was later called Hynek Berka of Houska. The castle then passed hands to the Smiřič family of Smiřice, and then the Hrzánová family of Harasov.

With the development of artillery and cannon, the castle fortifications were strengthened with an outer wall, and the interior remodelled into a Renaissance chateau by Hrzány z Harasova between 1584-1590.

The most notable features of the castle’s interior include a polygonal closed rectangular chapel with preserved murals from the early 14th century, as well as the so-called green room, which is vaulted with a Gothic cross rib vault and decorated with Renaissance murals from around 1520.

After the Thirty Years’ War (fought between 1618 and 1648), the Habsburgs ordered the slighting of various castles and fortifications across the region, including Houska Castle. The outer walls of the castle and a gothic tower were demolished, with the building rubble used to fill the castle moat.

In the 18th century, the castle stopped serving as a noble residence and fell into a state of disrepair, until Vincenc Karel Kounic had it renovated in the Renaissance style in 1823.

With the outbreak of WW2, Houska Castle was confiscated by the German army and the regional staff of the SS, to be used as a repository for housing archives and documents (mainly Jewish and Masonic books from Europe) of the Reich Main Security Office, an organisation subordinate to Heinrich Himmler in his dual capacity as Chef der Deutschen Polizei (Chief of German Police) and Reichsführer-SS, the head of the Nazi Party’s Schutzstaffel (SS).

The Gateway To Hell

Another side to the history of Houska Castle revolves around folklore and the occult. According to legend, the castle was situated on a chasm or bottomless pit to stand guard over a gateway to hell where animal-human hybrids, and dark-winged creators crawled out from.

Unconfirmed accounts have sensationalised the myth of the supposed pit, where various modern sources claim that during the castle’s construction, prisoners sentenced to death were offered a pardon if they consented to be lowered into the chasm. Legend suggests that the first prisoner to be lowered was heard screaming, upon being hoisted back up appeared to look as though he aged 30 years, grown wrinkles and his hair had turned white from fear.

Other legends revolve around an alleged sorcerer searching for immortality who now haunts the castle, and a figure in a black monk’s hood with no face who appears in and around the vicinity of the castle.

Some sources even claim that the castle was used by the SS for occult practices and experimentation during WW2, although there’s no surviving documentary evidence to corroborate.

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The Mystery Of The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In January of 1959, ten hikers, all but one students at the Urals Polytechnic Institute in Sverdlovsk, began a hike into the Ural Mountains. They were led by Igor Dyatlov. All ten were experienced hikers. They planned a three week trip with a return planned for February 12th. One hiker, Yuri Yudin, left early in the trip, on January 28th, due to a flare up of sciatica. He had made it to the final leg of the trip getting out to the Ural mountains by sled, but had to ride back on the sled to return home. By this time, he’d already taken two train rides, a bus ride, and then the sled ride with the other hikers to get to the place where they would begin their treacherous journey through the mountains in the winter. He was disappointed to leave, but this decision would ultimately save his life.

What Really Happened In Helltown, Ohio

This video talks about the various legends that have made Helltown, Ohio (OH) infamous for decades. From ghostly apparitions to spooky cults, and even Satan himself. We go in depth on this supposed gate of hell of this episode of Mystery Archives. Discover what truly happened in Helltown as well as the history and various urban legends associated with this interesting ghost town.

During Court He Said “The Devil Made Me Do It” | Another Strange Case By Ed & Lorraine Warren

“The Devil made me do it.”

This has long been the plea of those who have been caught doing something wicked that is uncharacteristic of their usual behavior. Most of the time, we take it only as a figure of speech to brush off an aberrant deviation from the norm. However, sometimes the meaning can become all too literal. In 1981, a brutal murder occurred in a tranquil town on the East Coast of the United States; a vicious crime that the perpetrator claimed was not carried out by his own hand, but rather that of demons that had taken him over. It was a defense that would carry over into an actual court of law to become the nation’s first case of a court defense seeking to blame a crime on demonic possession, and would trigger a media blitz of this spectacular tale of menacing supernatural evil on trial.

The whole strange tale begins in the quite, affluent, and peaceful neighborhood of Brookfield, Connecticut, where an unassuming family, the Glatzels, had arrived in order to clean and put in order a rental property they had recently acquired in this scenic town of 13,000. Shortly after they arrived, a series of bizarre events began to unfurl that would mark the beginning of the madness that was about to spiral out of control. One day, about a month after they had arrived, Mrs. Judy Glatzel reported that her youngest son, 11 year-old David, had suddenly and inexplicably fallen down rather forcefully onto the bed as if he had been shoved. When questioned about the occurrence later, David told his mother that he had in fact been pushed by what he described as an old man with “burnt-looking skin,” who had pointed a finger at him and growled the word “Beware” before throwing him onto the bed.

It was a strange story to be sure, and at first the Glatzels wrote it off as the overactive imagination of a young boy, but David had always been a very honest boy, and his situation would get progressively worse. He began to wake up at all hours of the night sobbing uncontrollably, and when asked what had happened he would describe how he was being visited in the darkness by an old man with soulless black eyes, animalistic features, sharp, jagged teeth, pointed ears, and hooves. David claimed that the intimidating entity was continuously warning him that if they moved into the rental house they would be harmed. These visitations continued and before long were even occurring in the daytime, when David claimed the beast took on the appearance of an old man with a white beard dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans. David said that sometimes the apparition would snarl in some foreign language or threaten to steal his soul. The spooky visitations also began to be accompanied by various unexplained phenomena throughout the house, such as inexplicable footsteps, slamming doors, and disembodied voices.

The weirdness would not end there. David began to exhibit strange wounds such as scratches, cuts, and bruises on his body for no discernible reason, and his night terrors gradually worsened to the point that he would wake up howling in terror practically every night. The mother even claimed to at one point have seen her son being choked by unseen hands, or flopping about on his bed like “a rag doll.” David had also put on a large amount of weight in a short period of time, allegedly becoming extremely fat and putting on 60 pounds in only a few months. In light of the strange, seemingly paranormal events that were unfolding around them, the alarmed Glatzels took notice and became convinced that this was not a simple case of their kid trying to get out of household chores or school. They enlisted the assistance of a local Catholic priest from St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Brookfield, for guidance. The priest performed a ritual cleansing of the house, but it seemed to have no effect, as the ominous phenomena continued.

The increasingly desperate Glatzel family pleaded with the church for help, and were referred to two demonologists and exorcists by the name of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens’ arrival seemed to mark an increase in bizarre events and aberrant behavior on the part of David. He began to have sudden seizures and fits or convulsions that required him to be restrained at times. He also would occasionally snarl, hiss, or spit at people, and it got to the point where one person was always awake as David slept, in case he should experience one of his bizarre tantrums or seizures. The boy was also known to suddenly begin quoting passages from the Bible and Milton’s Paradise Lost, or speaking in voices that were not his own. It was even reported that he would speak passages in Latin, a language with which he had no experience. Lorraine Warren, a self professed psychic, would later report that on at least one occasion she had seen a strange black mist congeal next to David. The boy also continued to repeatedly complain of being hit, shoved, or choked by unseen hands. After some time of these escalating bizarre events, the Warrens came to the conclusion that there was a malevolent presence in the house, and that David was most likely subject to multiple possessions.

It was around this time that the Glatzel’s 26 year-old daughter, Deborah, implored her fiancée, Arne Cheyenne Johnson, to move in with them in order to make them feel safer. In light of what they saw as demonic possession, the Warrens went about conducting a series of exorcisms in an effort to rid the boy of whatever malignant entities were residing within him. Three exorcisms involving the help of no fewer than four Catholic priests were conducted, during which time David would growl, snarl, curse, spit, kick, and scratch like a madman, all to no ultimate effect. The Warrens also claimed that during the exorcisms David would cease breathing for long periods of time, do rapid series of sit-ups despite his obesity, contort his body into unnatural positions normally not possible, and even levitate. The normally quiet and peaceful boy was also said to start talking of murder and stabbings, which further alarmed both the family and the Warrens. Eventually, the exorcists learned that there were 43 demons supposedly residing within David when they asked him who was there during one of his episodes and the boy gave 43 different names.

The exorcisms did not seem to be having any effect, and the evil presence within David garnered the nicknames “The Beast” and “The Master.” The family contacted Brookfield police in October of 1980 to report that they felt the situation was becoming dangerous and that the boy posed a potential threat, but at the time they were largely ignored. Debbie’s fiancée, Arne Johnson, was becoming exhausted by the whole ordeal, and started taunting the demons that were tormenting David. He is said to have shouted at them on several occasions and to have challenged and commanded them to enter him instead. Johnson was reported to have repeatedly said on numerous occasions “Come into me! Leave the little lad alone!” During one of these times he became terrified when he claimed to have seen the demons and even made eye contact with them as he looked into David’s eyes, something the Warrens has strictly warned him not to ever do. Not long after this, Johnson crashed his car into a tree, and while he was unharmed in the accident, he would later claim that the demons had taken control of him and caused him to crash.

In November of 1980, Judy and Carl Glatzel took their son to a psychiatrist to see if there was anything that could be done to help the increasingly disturbed boy or if any answers for his condition could be gleaned from the scientific community. The psychiatrist informed the family that David was normal, exhibiting only a minor learning disability, certainly nothing to account for his escalating bizarre behavior. Nevertheless, they enrolled their son in a special school for disturbed children, hoping that this would somehow cure him after all else had failed.

In the meantime, Debbie and Johnson moved out of the house to live in an apartment near the Brookfield Pet Motel, where Debbie had gotten a job as a dog groomer. The manager and owner of the pet motel, as well as the landlord of the apartment, was Alan Bono, who would become friends with the couple. In the ensuing weeks, Debbie Glatzel became increasingly concerned, as Johnson started to display strange, uncharacteristic behavior. The normally polite and even tempered Johnson would become highly irritated at the smallest things, and would suddenly go into bizarre trances during which he would growl, snarl, or convulse, and which he claimed to have no memory of. During several of these episodes he would shout out in despair that he could see “The Beast” staring at him, after which he would once again claim he could not remember such a thing happening. These weird trances became more frequent, and his behavior more erratic, until Debbie started to fear that perhaps her fiancée had been possessed by the same demons that had been inhabiting her brother, despite the fact that none of Johnson’s co-workers reported anything out of the ordinary.

On February 16, 1981, tragedy struck. Johnson called in sick to his job as a tree surgeon and joined Debbie and Bono for a lunch party, during which they all reportedly drank heavily. After the party, they returned to the apartment to hang out, and at some point during the conversation, Johnson and Bono got into a heated argument. During the confrontation, Johnson allegedly went into one of his trances, after which he started growling like an animal and pulled out a folding 5-inch knife and proceeded to viciously and repeatedly stab Bono, who would die at a hospital from his wounds several hours later. Johnson, who had no previous criminal record of any kind and had fled the scene, was apprehended several miles from the scene of the crime and charged with first degree murder. He claimed at the time that he could not remember anything of the incident.

The case was already exceptional, as it was the first murder ever recorded in the history of Brookfield, but things would take a turn for the bizarre rather quickly. A mere day after the murder, Lorraine Warren made the claim that Johnson had been possessed by demons when the murder was committed, and that David Glatzel had said he had seen the demons go from him into Johnson’s body. This was further given fuel when the family supported these claims, saying that the murder had been the “Devil’s work,” and that the beast had transferred to Johnson’s body during the exorcisms when he had taunted them to do so. These claims of demonic possession and murder in this quiet, sleepy town drove the media into a frenzy, and the story was covered extensively in various outlets.

Making the whole affair even more mysterious was that although the the Glatzels and Warrens talked about the exorcisms that had been conducted on David, the church itself went through great lengths to distance itself from these claims. The diocese officially stated that although a Father Virgulak and three other priests had indeed been involved in helping the boy through his affliction, it adamantly denied that any actual exorcisms had been performed. The spokesman for the diocese, Rev. Nicholas V. Grieco, explained that the bishop’s approval would have been required to carry out an exorcism and that no such approval had ever been sought. This sat squarely opposite from what the Glatzels and Warrens were saying, and they claimed that such approval in fact had been granted after two of the younger priests had approached the bishop personally. Making matters more complicated was that none of the priests who had allegedly been directly involved in the exorcisms were permitted to comment on the incident to reporters nor investigators, and all of them were mysteriously transferred to other parishes.

Things would get even more bizarre still. When Johnson’s trial came, his defense attorney, Martin Minnella, decided to use the alleged demonic possession as an actual legal defense for his client. It would be the first time in United States history in which the defense sought to prove innocence by arguing demonic possession and therefore a lack of personal responsibility. Media attention to the case reached a fever pitch, and the trial came to be known as the “Demon Murder Trial” and the “Devil Made Me Do It Trial.” Attorney Minella for his part extensively researched the feasibility of such an argument and found that such a defense was not unprecedented in the world. Minella put forth two cases from England in which the defense of possession had been allowed; one in which an arsonist was acquitted on grounds of demonic possession and another in which a rapist had received a suspended sentence for the same reason. The lawyer even made arrangements to have exorcists from Europe flown in for the trial. In addition, he was prepared to subpoena the priests that had allegedly performed the exorcisms on David Glatzel if they didn’t cooperate. Minella vowed:

I’m going to show the guy isn’t insane and that it’s not a delusion. The courts have dealt with the existence of God, and now they’ll be asked to deal with the existence of the demonic spirit.

The trial commenced on October 28, 1981, at Connecticut’s Superior Court in Danbury. As expected, Minella entered a plea of innocence on the grounds that his client had been possessed by demons that had passed into him from David and as such had not been in control of himself, therefore releasing him from the responsibility of any wrongdoing. During the proceedings, alleged taped evidence of the priests confirming approval for an exorcism was presented, as well as lurid photographs depicting scenes such as Johnson kneeling over David on the floor with a crucifix pressed to his forehead, and another in which Johnson is holding the boy down as the crucifix lies broken on the floor next to him. Despite this, presiding judge Robert Callahan was not convinced, and he disallowed this argument, stating that none of it could be objectively or scientifically verified through the available evidence. As a result, all of the testimony related to the demon possession defense was thrown out, the jury not permitted to consider it as a viable reason for the murder, and Minella was forced to change his tactic, changing his stance to that of self defense. After 3 days of deliberations, the jury came to the conclusion that Johnson was guilty of first-degree manslaughter, and he was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison, of which he would ultimately serve only 5.

In the aftermath of the trial, media interest in the case waned, but the story was not over yet. In 1983, Lorraine Warren helped Gerald Brittle write a book about the incident titled The Devil in Connecticut, which many saw as a cheap attempt to make a profit off of the Gratzel family’s suffering, but Warren insisted that proceeds from the book would be donated to the family. The book was re-released in 2006, by which time David Glatzel, now an adult, and his brother Carl Glatzel Jr. sued the publisher on the grounds that they claimed it gave the family emotional distress, violated their privacy, and contained a good amount of libel. Carl further said that the Warrens had lied about the events that had taken place and that the exorcism story was a hoax; a tall tale they had weaved to take advantage of and make profit off of David’s mental illness. Carl also complained that the book had made him out to be the villain of the story because he had never subscribed to the supernatural explanations for what had transpired.

For their part, the Warrens have stuck to their version of events. Lorraine Warren has repeatedly insisted that the supernatural phenomena that occurred were real and that all of the priests involved had agreed that the boy had been possessed by demons. Additionally, Debbie Glatzel and Arne Cheyenne Johnson himself have to this day continued to assert that the Warrens’ version of the events is true, further saying that the Glatzel family is suing purely for monetary gain. The priests involved with the supposed exorcisms have never come forward to officially support either side of the story, and continue to remain silent on the matter.

So what do we make of this story? Did the Devil in fact really make Johnson do it? Considering the myriad versions of the events and the conflicting claims of all involved, it is difficult to say. However, is there the potential that some dark force can compel a rational person to commit evil deeds that they would never imagine committing otherwise, and if so should they be held accountable for it? Or is this all just some wicked element of the human soul which occasionally bubbles and froths forth from some murky recess of our psyche to drive us to these atrocities, and in the end it is only us to blame for failing to be the gatekeeper that keeps the beast from getting out? Law has always had to deal with the fine line between sanity and insanity, accountability and absolution. Is there perhaps another line on which we teeter; the line between the deeds of our own mind and those of something “other”? It is unlikely that the defense tried during the Arne Cheyenne Johnson Trial will ever be admissible in court, but it can perhaps cause us to reflect upon the nature of an evil that potentially resides within every one of us, supernatural or not.

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The Legend Of The Sallie House (The Heartland Ghost)

The Sallie House is a small, two-story brick house on the bluffs of the Missouri River, widely considered to be one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Reportedly the house is haunted by a demonic spirit which disguises itself as a young girl called Sallie.

The Case Of The Werewolf

Bill Ramsey was born and raised in Essex, the seaside town of South-end in the UK.  His childhood would seem mostly normal, except for an incident when he was just 9 years old.  One memorable day, Ramsey was outside his back garden when he began to feel strange. It was deep into one Saturday afternoon in 1952 when an icy blast of frigid cold swept all over him. Perspiration froze on his skin and a foul stench came close to making him vomit. The confused young Ramsey only had two things on his mind: running away to a life on the beach and wolves. When he heard the distant calls of his mother, he snapped out of his trance.

Bill Ramsey

However, Ramsey was changed. Intense and pure rage had installed itself firmly within his psyche. Using this and the adrenaline-fueled strength he now possessed, he had uprooted a fence post – with the fence still attached – and was swinging it like a club. Not even his parents could easily remove the post with their bare hands. What the young child did next made both of his parents flee back into the relative safety of their home – leaving Bill isolated outside. Bill Ramsey placed the wire meshing into his mouth and began gnawing at it! The cold sensations returned and a low growl emanated from deep within him. Both his parents remained inside the house until it was apparent that their son had calmed down considerably.

Dark Dreams

For nearly fifteen years after that terrifying incident, nothing even remotely similar happened in the life of Bill Ramsey. He had grown up, got married and became a doting father of three. The first two years of his marriage though were plagued by nightmares. Each dream was the same and the results ended up identical as well. Ramsey always awoke in a cold sweat and was overwhelmed by feelings of dread and unease. In his dream, he was always a few steps behind his wife, who would then turn to face him and run away in extreme terror. It was only in 1967 that these dreams ended. 18 months on, and Bill woke one night to hear what he thought was panting of a wild animal somewhere inside the bedroom. He was correct. It was Bill himself.

1983 Headline Of The Sun Newspaper

Once again there was a lull in activity for approximately fifteen years. It was now 1983 and Bill was out with some friends at a local pub. After several drinks, Bill began to feel the same icy chills that first manifested much earlier in his life. He made an excuse and headed to the lavatory. Once there he checked himself in the mirror and saw a wolf looking back at him. This was just a precursor as to what was to happen on their way home. In the car ride home, and without any warning, Bill began to growl and immediately turned to his fellow passenger. Both hands twisted into claws and Ramsey tried to bite the leg of his friend. The designated driver didn’t panic. He brought the car to a stop and made attempts to get the raging Bill out of the back of the car. It still took several minutes and quite a bit of effort to finally get Bill out of the car. By now the frenzy had dissipated. The Sun newspaper documenting the story of Bill Ramsey. The Sun newspaper documenting the story of Bill Ramsey. Worse was to come, but not for another 18 months.

Shortly before Christmas 1983, Bill begins to suffer from chest pains and thoughts immediately turned to a possible heart attack. Bill checked himself into the Emergency Room of the local hospital and was halfway through a blood pressure examination when he sank his teeth into the arm of the nurse and ran through the ward as a man possessed. Witnesses would later reveal that Bill had hunched shoulders and both hands had curled into talons or claws and bared lips just like a rabid animal. Anyone that dared approach was knocked down easily with almost superhuman strength. It took quite a few people, working as a team, to finally subdue the rampaging man. A police officer managed to place handcuffs around Ramsey’s wrists but still, this was not sufficient. A tranquilizer finally put an end to the outburst. The following morning this tranquilizer had worn off and so did the original transformation. 

After a hearty breakfast, the attending doctor listened to the whole story and recommended that Bill remains under observation. However, he was a voluntary patient and was fully entitled to check himself out. Bill did so but was back within the span of two months. In January 1984, Bill had just finished a visit to his mother when he began to feel an attack coming on. He made it to the same hospital on the same terms of his previous visit. The attending nurse was alone with Ramsey in the Emergency Room and feared for her life once she told Ramsey that she was going to find a doctor. Ramsey threw to one side and lunged for an orderly. By chance four police officers entered the hospital and immediately circled Ramsey. The officers and Ramsey had a stand-off for a few seconds until Ramsey began snarling and growling at all four. The policemen advanced on Ramsey, who defended himself with some vigor. One of the four police officers suffered wounds so severe that he ended up in the hospital for another four days. All four managed to handcuff Ramsey again. The short walk to the waiting squad car went off without incident, as Ramsey had apparently regained his faculties. When he arrived at the local police station, they immediately summoned the police surgeon. Ramsey considered the suggestion of checking himself into a mental institution but decided against it, citing the stigma that he might feel in the days to follow. Since he was clearly in control and rational, Ramsey was released.

In the summer of 1987, he was back at the police station. This time, however, he was much more public-spirited. Having made a citizen’s arrest to a local teenage prostitute, he drove her to the station. The second that he parked his car, she fled into the station. Ramsey once again felt the now familiar sensations surging from the middle of his chest, just as a burly policeman approached the car. The officer, considerably bigger than Ramsey, started to question him and made the big mistake of gently touching Ramsey’s arm. The wolf within him took immediate hold of Ramsey and the officer was thrown to the ground and was having the life choked out of him until help finally came. Ramsey was so wild, that it took a dozen policemen to hold him down and two injections to finally restrain him. For the next ten days, countless MRI’s, x-rays and psychiatric tests could not determine what was wrong with Ramsey. Clearly, there was some issue that needed resolving. Nobody should really switch from mild-mannered rationale to rampaging berserker and back again in the space of a few minutes unless there is something seriously wrong.

Ed & Lorraine Warren Become Involved

Ed & Lorraine Warren

One thing that went in Bill’s favor was the visit to London of American ‘Demonologists’ Ed and Lorraine Warren. Bill’s story appeared on a television show at the time of their stay. Lorraine immediately considered that Bill was being possessed and got in touch with the Southend-on-Sea police station. After dialogue on both sides, the Warrens obtained the opportunity to talk to the Ramseys.

The Warrens negotiated with Bill Ramsey and finally convinced him to come to their church in Connecticut and undergo an exorcism with their own specialist, Bishop Robert McKenna. Bill relented and made the trip with his wife in 1989. A tabloid newspaper, The People, sponsored the trip. The night before the exorcism was due to take place, Ramsey tried to strangle his wife while she slept. When the exorcism actually began, Bill was not at all impressed. The service was being conducted in Latin and for half an hour nothing happened. Bill then took on an entirely different appearance – his face contorted and both hands formed claws. McKenna commanded the demon to leave. The full force of werewolf fury descended on McKenna one time and then disappeared for good. The whole event was recorded on film.

Bill Ramsey During The Exorcism

Bill Ramsey last appeared in public in 1992 when he updated his progress. Just before his exorcism, the transformations were increasing in both frequency and seriousness. Since that time, there have been no incidents recorded.

The Ramseys And The Warrens With The Priest Who Performed The Exorcism

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The Ghostly Screams Of Slaughter House Canyon

Though America’s deserts are vast, empty expanses, they are filled with a brutal and bloody history that has stained not only the earth but the communities surrounded by the strange and mysterious. One such event to this day still draws the attention of those seeking adventure and the thrill of the unknown. That place, is Slaughter House Canyon, Arizona.

Houska Castle – A Gateway To Hell

The mere mention of its name conjures images of fire, demons, torture, and the devil himself. But does the underworld really exist? Or is it simply myth and superstition? There is a castle in the forests of the Czech Republic where is it said that a portal to hell itself lies beneath its foundations. Join us as we discuss the spine-chilling mystery of Houska Castle, here on Mystery Archives.

The True Story Of Annabelle The Demonic Doll

Lorraine Warren With The “Annabelle” Doll

In 1970, Donna a student nurse received an antique Raggedy Ann doll from her mother as a birthday present. Taking the doll back to her small apartment which she shared with her roommate she placed the doll on her bed and thought no more about it. At first, both women noted that the doll had started to creep them out, but then they began to notice that the doll had begun to change its position and then to move to different rooms from where it had been left.

Donna and her roommate Angie would find the doll sitting crossed legged on the couch with its arms folded, other times it was found upright, standing on its feet and leaning against a chair in the dining room. Several times Donna, placing the doll on the couch before leaving for work, would return home to find the doll back in her room on the bed with the door closed.

The doll not only moved but could write too. About a month into their experiences Donna and Angie began to find penciled messages on parchment paper that read “help us”. The hand writing looked to belong to a small child.

Knowing that they must do something about the sinister doll, the roommates contacted a medium who conducted a seance. Through the medium, Donna and Angie were contacted by a spirit named Annabelle Higgins who told them her story. Annabelle explained she was a young girl who had lived near to where apartment complex now stood.

Annabelle told the women that she felt comfort and safe with them and wanted to stay with them and be loved. Feeling compassion for Annabelle and her story Donna gave her permission to inhabit the doll and stay with them. They were to soon find out, however, that Annabelle was not all she seemed to be.

“Annabelle” Doll at the Warren’s Occult Museum

A mutual friend of the roommates, Lou had never been fond of the doll and had warned Donna to get rid of it. One night his warnings came true. Waking from a deep sleep, Lou found to his horror that he was completely paralysed. Looking down at his feet he saw the doll, Annabelle. It began to slowly glide up his leg, moved over his chest and then stopped. Within seconds the doll was strangling him. Paralysed and gasping for breath and at the point of asphyxiation, he blacked out. He awoke the next morning, certain it wasn’t a dream.

The next terrifying encounter he experienced occurred when he and Angie were alone in the flat preparing for a road trip the next day. Hearing rustling noises from Donna’s room, Lou quietly made his way to the bedroom door, waiting for the strange noises to stop before entering and turning on the light. He discovered the room was empty except for the doll which looked like it had been hurriedly tossed into the corner. He began to search the room for anything out of place, but as he got close to the doll he got the distinct impression that somebody was behind him. Spinning around he was surprised to find that nobody else was there. Then in flash he found himself grabbing for his chest, doubled over and bleeding. On his chest were seven distinct claw marks, three vertically and four horizontally, all were hot like burns.

Finally willing to believe that the spirit was not that of a young girl, Donna contacted a priest named Father Cooke who immediately contacted the Warrens. Ed and Lorraine Warren were already well known for their paranormal investigation into the notorious Amityville case. After speaking to the roommates, Ed and Lorraine came to the conclusion that the doll was not possessed but instead, was being manipulated by an inhuman presence using the doll to create the illusion of it being alive. The inhuman presence was not looking to stay attached to the doll, the Warren’s told the women, it was instead looking to possess a human host.

Ed & Lorraine Warren Outside Of The “Amityville” House

It first began moving the doll around the apartment by means of teleportation to arouse the occupant’s curiosity in hopes that they would give it recognition. By bringing a medium into the apartment to communicate with it, the demonic spirit was then able to communicate and prey on the girls emotional vulnerabilities by pretending to be a harmless, lost young girl. During the séance, it was given permission from Donna to inhabit the doll and in turn, the apartment and eventually the women.

The Warrens believed that the next stage of the demonic infestation phenomenon would have been complete human possession. Had these experiences lasted another 2 or 3 more weeks the spirit would have completely possessed, and also harmed or killed one or all of the occupants in the house.

“Annabelle” Doll

At the conclusion of the investigation, the Warrens felt it appropriate to have a recitation of an exorcism blessing to cleanse the apartment. At Donna’s request, and as a further precaution against the phenomena ever occurring in the home again, the Warrens took the rag doll along with them when they left. They had a special case built for Annabelle, where she resides to this day. The locked case has kept the doll from moving around, but whatever terrible entity is attached to it is still there, waiting and no doubt biding its time.

This article is dedicated to the memories of Ed & Lorraine Warren

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The Stories Behind The Haunted Theorosa’s Bridge

Are you getting tired of hearing about all of the haunted places in Kansas? Me neither! It seems as though every corner of the Sunflower State is plagued by the paranormal… however, today’s story—which comes out of Valley Center—may just be one of the creepiest places yet.

After the original iron and wood bridge burned down in 1974 (and then again a few years later), it was replaced by the current concrete structure seen today.

There have been many legends that have plagued the bridge over the years and while none of them have been fully confirmed, one thing is for sure: Those who cross the historic bridge cannot help but feel a sense of eeriness. One of the stories that comes from Theorosa’s Bridge is that of baby Theorosa; the daughter of 19th-century settlers who was stolen by Native Americans during a rampage on the bridge. Her mother, grief stricken and worried, left camp to search for the child to no avail. To this day, visitors claim you can see Theorosa’s mother’s ghost still looking and calling for the baby girl she lost so long ago.

Another legend that surrounds the bridge is that of a young Native American girl named Theorosa who — after having a child with a married settler — threw both herself and her baby from the bridge into the cascading waters below. It is said that if you look and listen carefully, you can see and hear the young woman still searching for her child.

The third and final story is about a blonde-haired, blue-eyed local farm family whose brown-haired, dark-eyed daughter was drowned in the creek by her father after he suspected that she was the illegitimate child of the neighbor. Eventually, the father and two sons abandoned the mother while she searched the creek for her daughter, which she continued to do until her death years later.

While all of these stories vary in one form or another, one thing is for sure: someone (or something) is haunting the bridge, as several witnesses have reported strange lights, sounds, temperature changes, and orbs throughout the area. Have you visited the area? If so, did you notice any of these strange occurrences?

What Really Happened In Helltown, Ohio

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The Mystery Of The Chronovisor

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The Unnerving Cemetery In Kansas Where Each Headstone Is Just A Number

Asylum Bridge outside of Osawatomie Mental Hospital.

There’s something about this cemetery that sets it apart from others we’ve visited in Kansas in the past. Everyone who wasn’t claimed by families at this mental hospital was buried as just a number. However sad it is, this cemetery in Kansas is equally unnerving.

We do not recommend visiting any cemetery after regular hours of operation, or causing any damage to the cemetery itself. You are in charge of obtaining appropriate permissions for visiting this location.

Osawatomie Mental Hospital

In a time when many men were returning from the Civil War damaged, the “Kansas State Hospital for the Insane” was there to help families and the war-haunted with their problems. The first building here was built in 1860, right after families were legally able to transfer care of a person to a facility such as this. Today, the old hospital building itself is blocked off from the public, and remains a slightly creepy reminder of what once was.

The Cemetery

Over the years, this mental hospital buried many who died, but 346 of them are only marked with a number (in order of death) because they were never claimed by family members and thus had no one to see them off.

Some of the last numbered burials happened in the 1950s, and only two have been replaced by family who wanted their names known at their last resting place.

Names on tombstones, as well as quotes or dates lived, are pieces of life’s puzzle that many visitors to cemeteries read. Throughout this cemetery, you see hundreds of numbers, and it’s almost like playing a game of Guess Who? where you don’t know who lies where. Each stone is a life, but a life unknown and mostly un-remembered.

To think that all of these lives ended while at a mental hospital, away from any family members, is a little heartbreaking. However, it’s also a little unnerving and creepy to think of what they went through and how one is unidentifiable from the next one over.

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