The Terrifying Story Of The Possession of Clara Germana Cele

Most people are familiar with the movie “The Exorcism” and perhaps you are familiar with the story that inspired the movie itself. But the story of Clara Germana Cele has been seemingly forgotten in the over 100 years since it happened. I believe, though this is speculation, that this story also played quite the role in The “Exorcist” movie.

Clara was born in South Africa in either 1889 or 1890, and we don’t know much about her life before she reached the age of 16. What we do know is that she attended St. Michael’s Mission in Umzinto in the region of Natal, South Africa and that she had been adopted by the Mission at the age of 4 due to being an orphan. But she was always seen as a well behaved and good child.

What is tragic, and puzzling, was what happened on her 16th birthday. She began to cry out for help and was erratic and confused. Her words were as follows, “Get the priest! I have to confess something. Get him quickly! I’m afraid Satan will kill me before I have a chance to confess!” Father Erasmus came to hear her confession where she told him she had made a pact with Satan.

Even before this, most at first noticed the drastic change in the young girl. Some think she may have been a rebellious teenager or overly curious but really, we’ve never found out why a young Christian schoolgirl decided to do such a thing. Supposedly, many of the locals overheard her making said pact and word spread quickly.

After the pact, it didn’t take long for the consequences to manifest themselves. Her mental health rapidly deteriorated. She became angry, unstable, and regularly began to spout blasphemies and vulgar things at random. She also often acted like an animal around her family with hissing and barking and aggression. But she also demonstrated the ability to speak in languages she had absolutely no knowledge of. A nun claimed that Clara could understand any languages pushed on her such as Polish or German. This was also observed by others than just the nun. The nuns and priests tried to pray for her and give her religious items, but Clara was just not responsive. It seemed that only the demons possessing her were in charge.

But this went beyond merely speaking in tongues. She also allegedly began to manifest the ability to read people’s minds and showed immense knowledge of secrets of both strangers and those close to her. Almost as if she could see their sins… It goes without saying that it should not be possible.

But it gets worse, the presence of blessed objects seemed to drive her insane and for a crazed 16-year-old girl, she should not have been able to manhandle the nuns and beat them up. This is also common in Demonic possessions, strength beyond what the body can normally exert. The nuns also were horrified by her cries which were supposedly extremely bestial and unlike the girl. As one Nun wrote, “No animal had ever made such sounds. Neither the lions of East Africa nor the angry bulls. At times, it sounded like a veritable herd of wild beasts orchestrated by Satan had formed a hellish choir. No animal had ever made such sounds. Neither the lions of East Africa nor the angry bulls. At times, it sounded like a veritable herd of wild beasts orchestrated by Satan had formed a hellish choir.”

Father Erasmus, the one who heard her confession and who had been called initially thought this was merely the consequences of a young mind rebelling against authority. So for 6 months later in August 1906. Two nuns found her curled up and much of her room ransacked and her bedframe ruined. She explained she had thrown away all of her crucifixes, rosaries, and other holy items. She was now vulnerable. She also began to attack the nuns and threw things around the room. She also allegedly said something close to the following to presumably the demon or demons possessing her, “You betrayed me! You promised me glory, but now you torture me.”

Several nuns and older sisters were made to watch over her. Many still believed her claims were false and for attention. According to one book, it was during this that she questioned the faith the nuns had in God and it turned into a very violent event. Clara reportedly beat several of them severely, tore off their clothes, and left a few of them unconscious. It was after this that the people at the Mission began to test her.

Her skin also reportedly burned when in contact with holy water even when Clara had moments of lucidity. Fire also apparently transfigured out of nothing around her, burning her room but not herself. Many of the people began to congregate around Clara to try and get rid of the demons and to help her, but she revealed the impure thoughts of those around her and the congregations quickly left. She also spoke about Father Erasmus’ travel to Rome at the time and knew details the Priest couldn’t even remember well.

It was during Erasmus’ travel to Rome that a younger priest took over the congregation and attempted to perform an exorcism on Clara. But she taunted him and revealed impure thoughts and he eventually cracked emotionally and slapped the girl. She proceeded to rip part of his vestments and beat him and choke him afterwards. She then sat in a corner and wept as the priest fled the scene. Clara was then put in a private room.

Many of the doors around the Mission including Clara’s began to shake and be beat upon with tremendous force like that of thunder and one priest even patrolled the hallways with a gun. Clara mocked him and told him the demon inside of her only took pleasure in the ordeal.

One can only imagine the horror it must have been to see demons defile and use such a young girl. But her foolishness had clearly played a part…

It was around this time she also began to physically change. Her neck would stretch and extend so harshly that visible bumps would form from the damage to her body. She also began to got to the ground and wiggle around like a snake and even bit a nun severely who was knelt praying for her. This left puncture wounds like that of a snake bite..

Finally, an exorcism was arranged for Clara with Reverend Mansueti who by this time was the director of St. Michael’s Mission and Father Erasmus, her personal confessor. The exorcism began in the morning and went on until noon then was again carried on with at 3pm and carried on until night. Clara began the exorcism by ripping off one of the priest’s collar and attempting to strangle him with it. But the priest continued un-phased.

Well over 100 people were said to have witnessed the event, specifically when Clara began to levitate.

She allegedly levitated both horizontally and vertically and her strange animalistic noises were heard by all. They put her through extreme pressure trying to exorcise the demon and finally, after hours the following day, the demon agreed to leave after levitating her 6 feet in the air and dropping her. Though the exorcism seemed to have worked.

What is truly mind boggling is that after all of that, she made another pact with Satan in 1907. She had to be exorcised a second time which was again, a success and not many details are known about it except for the room apparently being filled with a truly foul smell after the demon left.

Many still believe this was just a case of mental illness, but as far as all the sources indicate, she lived a normal life after the exorcisms. Had she been just mentally ill, this never would have happened, and she would have lived the same way for the rest of her life. Likely she would have ended up in a sanitorium or asylum. Sadly, she died of heart failure at the age of 22 in 1912. There have been speculations about whether the pacts shortened her life, but such ideas are just conjecture as far as we know.

What do you think? Was Clara Germane Cele truly possessed by a demon or even multiple demons? Or was it just a lie and bad behavior from a mentally ill orphan? I’ll leave that to you to decide.]

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The True Story Of A Haunting In Connecticut

Snedeker Family Home

In the late 1980s, one of the most horrific hauntings ever reported was investigated by the seasoned paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The haunting allegedly plagued the entire Snedeker family, who lived in Southington, Connecticut, for years. It is believed that the entities within their home routinely abused them in abominable ways and made their lives a living hell.

Snedeker Family

In 1986, Carmen and Al Snedeker were both driving long distances from their home in northern New York to get medical treatment for Carmen’s son Phillip, who suffered with Hodgkin’s disease. The commute was making their situation unbearable, and thus they decided to move somewhere closer to the medical centre. This is when they found an apartment, one of two in a large colonial house, available to rent at an affordable price. 

The house in Connecticut was spacious enough for them to move in with their children and nieces. They just needed to convert the basement into two rooms for their children. It was during this conversion that Al discovered mortuary equipment in the basement, which included coffin handles, a chain-and-pulley casket lift, and a blood drainage pit. It turned out that the house had served as a funeral home for many decades previously.

The Snedekers did not think too much of their home’s past. Whilst it may have been somewhat morbid, they decided to continue with the conversion of the basement where dead bodies would have constantly passed through, for their two sons to sleep in.

From the very first night of sleeping there, Phillip complained of hearing strange voices and anomalous sounds. He even described seeing shadow figures, and a man with a pin-striped suit with white hair, skulking in the dark, staring at him as he slept. Phillip supposedly became so terrified of his room that he begged to be allowed to stay at the hospital.

Despite his insistence that what he was experiencing was true, Philip’s parents dismissed his claims, suspecting hallucinations as a side effect of the cobalt treatment he was receiving for his illness.

After moving into the basement, Phillip’s personality is said to have changed drastically. His interests and tastes altered – he started to wear leather and developed a strong interest in the occult. It was when Philip started to get violent that the Snedekers made the decision to send him away. At one point he is known to have broken in to their neighbour’s house to steal a gun in order to harm his step-father, Al. On another occasion, it is alleged that he assaulted his female cousin.

Mr & Mrs Snedeker

It is claimed that once Philip was out of the house, the dark forces residing within the walls started to turn their attention towards the rest of the family.

The other children began to report seeing ghosts, hearing footsteps and voices. Carmen reported once having mopped the floor, only to see the water turn blood red in front of her eyes. The couple’s bed was said to have vibrated inexplicably. During a television interview, Carmen and Al described how the bed often vibrated with a sort of “heartbeat”. They alleged that numerous visitors to their home had felt these unearthly vibrations. As well as this, the electrical sockets and light bulbs were described as having an unnatural glow – even when the bulbs were removed from their sockets. Foul odours of rotten meat and human feces were also claimed to have plagued the household.

The haunting continued for years. As peculiar as these incidents were, the situation was not considered too serious until the incidents started to escalate – and become violent.

Carmen is reported by The Huffington Post as having described a particularly terrifying incident. “The shower curtain very quickly wrapped around me, and I couldn’t push away.” According to the article, her only thought was that “this thing” was trying to “kill” her.

Other incidents were reported as being equally heinous. Their niece claimed to have felt a disembodied hand touch her in a sexual manner. She even alleged that an unearthly presence had raped her. Speaking about these abhorrent attacks, Carmen described how the entity “laughed a hideous laugh when it went above her shirt and out the window.”

Sexual assault was something which other members of the family claimed to have experienced as well.

Carmen and Al both reported having been disturbed on many nights by an unearthly atmosphere in their bed. They described having heard 1930s’ ambient mood music playing in the background, which occasionally preceded an assault upon one or both of them. The couple asserted that they had both been raped multiple times by a dark entity. Shockingly, Carmen even stated on television that once, whilst running away from their home down the road, her niece was hideously abused the entire way.

“One night I ran down the street with Kelly, being sodomised the whole way.” – Carmen Snedeker

When asked during an interview why they did not leave the house after these terrible incidents, Carmen explained how she believed this would make no difference. “Everywhere we went, it followed us.”

It was at this point that Ed and Lorraine Warren, the famous demonologist and clairvoyant, became involved in the case. The Warrens, along other investigators, spent a total of nine weeks at the Snedekers’ home. When describing what they encountered at the location, the Warrens rated the possessing entity as a nine on a scale of one to ten. They concluded “the house was infested with demons”.

After much alleged documentation and investigation, the Warrens claimed that they arranged for the house to be exorcised.

After the house was cleansed, the Snedekers moved out to another house, and afterwards were involved in the writing of a book, as well as being featured in documentaries, television shows and being the inspiration for a movie.

This is their official narrative. However, when the case is examined in detail, it quickly becomes clear that the Snedekers’ story is muddled and at times extremely confusing. Even the names of those involved, such as those of the couple’s nieces, cannot be ascertained with any certainty. No detail is reported with consistency, except for Philip’s illness.

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The Legend Of Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch (also called Sherman Ranch or UFO Ranch) is a large property near the small town of Ballard, Utah that is almost 500 acres in size. It boarders the Ute Indian Reservation.

The Utes will not enter the area known as Skinwalker Ranch because they believe it is fertile territory for skinwalkers: “The Utes take this very seriously. They think the Skinwalkers are powerful spirits that are here because of a curse that was put on them generations ago by the Navajos. And the center of the whole legend is this ranch. The Utes say the ranch is “the path of the skinwalker.” Tribe members are strictly forbidden from setting foot on the property. It’s been that way for a long time.”

Beginning in the 1950’s the area around Skinwalker Ranch has been a hotbed of UFO activity (according to locals).

In 1994 Skinwalker Ranch became well known when Terry and Gwen Sherman (the names are popular pseudonyms for the real family) and their children purchased the property only to be driven from the home after two years of increasingly terrifying paranormal events.

When the family moved in, they found deadbolts on doors and windows that puzzled them. Some of the doors and windows had deadbolts on both the inside and the outside. They also found large chains outside that looked like they may be for the purpose of restraining a heavy animal.

While they lived on the ranch the family experienced multiple cattle mutilations, crop circles, hearing voices calling from nowhere, inanimate objects moving before their eyes, UFOs and seeing strange birds and other animals on the property.

In one instance, the family saw a wolf attacking one of their cattle. They shot the wolf multiple times with a handgun and the wolf did not react to the gunshots at all and appeared unharmed while it continued to attack the cattle. Eventually after being shot six times, the wolf ran off and eventually vanished.

They saw a UFO larger than “two football fields” and apparent alien figures “over seven feet tall”.

In two years the family lost 20% of their heard to cattle mutilation.

In 1996 the family vacated their home.

Later in 1996 billionaire Robert Bigelow (he owns Budget Suites) bought the ranch for $200,000 and made it the home of a paranormal research group, The National Institute for the Discovery of Science, which operated until 2004. The organization is later replaced by the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.

Bigelow’s findings were that the UFOs seen in the area were “not consistent” with current military aircrafts.

After not being able to actively replicate studies since such activity cannot be replicated regularly, Bigelow decided to sell the property to a company called Ademantium holdings.

However, when researching this “company,” I found that no such company exists. So we may not truly know who owns the property now. But they have surveillance equipment, a gate and 24 hour armed guards at the entrances of the property. So it seems like whatever they’re researching sure must be important.

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The Legend Of The Sallie House (The Heartland Ghost)

The Sallie House is a small, two-story brick house on the bluffs of the Missouri River, widely considered to be one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Reportedly the house is haunted by a demonic spirit which disguises itself as a young girl called Sallie.

Dr. Richard Gallagher & A Woman Named Julia: A Story Of Possession

Doctor Richard Gallagher

When intelligent and respected professionals, men and women of science, those who start out skeptical then see things that convince them that demonic possession is a real phenomenon, it makes you stop and say, hey, maybe we should take a real look at this thing.

One such man, Dr. Richard Gallagher, a Princeton and Yale educated psychiatrist who runs his own practice and teaches at Columbia University and New York University, started out skeptical.

It all started twenty-five years ago when he was approached for his help in a case regarding a woman who was supposedly being harassed by demons. She was known to be a very nice woman, a religious Hispanic housewife and mother who had no history of mental illness. She and her husband described episodes when she would feel evil spirits overcome her, and then bruises would appear all over her body. Dr. Gallagher was called in to perform a psychiatric evaluation. Over time he assessed her mental and physical health, her symptoms, ruled out other explanations, and eventually came to believe that he was witnessing evidence of actual demonic possession.

Since then he has been called to assist in thousands of cases by providing his psychiatric expertise. He says that the vast majority of cases turn out not to be true demonic possession. Only around one hundred cases Dr. Gallagher has assessed out of thousands turned out to be possession. Gallagher makes sure to take a thorough approach in his consultations. He makes sure to get the whole story by interviewing friends, family, priests of the patient as well as examining symptoms. Symptoms that don’t fit into normal presentations of psychiatric disorders but that follow patterns typical of demonic activity might indicate possession. He describes paranormal features that sometimes occur in severe cases including patients speaking in languages of which they have no prior knowledge and exhibiting extreme strength. Also, those who are possessed might demonstrate personal knowledge of others’ lives of which they have no prior knowledge. After Dr. Gallagher gives the go ahead that the patient is actually possessed and that there is no underlying medical or physical problem, the patient is free to undergo an exorcism.

Dr. Gallagher believes that there are two different types of people who are generally targeted for demonic possession. Many possessed people are involved in satanic practices or cults or had been in the past and then might’ve tried to pull away. They may have made deals with the devil. The other group that might be susceptible to demonic possession are people who are super devout, doing great work helping others.

Dr. Gallagher recalls his scariest case which he says was “creepy.” “Julia” (not her real name) was a 39 year old woman who was part of a satanic cult, and when she was thinking about leaving the cult, the demons began to possess her. He witnessed her fall into trances for a few minutes at a time and speak in a demonic voice which wasn’t her own, saying things like, “Leave her alone, you f****** priest,” and she had no recollection of saying those things when she came to. Then later on another day, Gallagher and the priest who would perform the exorcism were on the phone discussing the case. The priest was asking Gallagher if he would be able to attend the exorcism, and the same demonic voice that Julia spoke with during her trance came over the phone line saying, “Leave her alone, you f****** priest. She’s ours, not yours.” Julia was hundreds of miles away at the time. He said sometimes Julia spoke in foreign languages she didn’t know, Latin and Spanish. Also, one night, his cats started acting wild, going around his house exhibiting strange, out-of-control behavior. Dr. Gallagher was really freaked out when the next day, Julia asked with a little smile how he enjoyed his cats the day before. I’m going to have to agree: creepy. Anyone else have goosebumps?

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Houska Castle – A Gateway To Hell

The mere mention of its name conjures images of fire, demons, torture, and the devil himself. But does the underworld really exist? Or is it simply myth and superstition? There is a castle in the forests of the Czech Republic where is it said that a portal to hell itself lies beneath its foundations. Join us as we discuss the spine-chilling mystery of Houska Castle, here on Mystery Archives.

The Legend Of Stull, Kansas

With only a handful of residents and a few buildings within its borders, Stull seems like a quiet, lonely little peaceful town. If you believe the stories about Stull, however, you will find that it is actually as far from peaceful one town can get. Stull, Kansas is actually one of the “seven gateways to hell.”

The basic premise of the legends regarding Stull go like this: somewhere within the tiny, run-down Stull cemetery is a set of hidden steps which descend directly to the netherworld itself. The steps are nearly impossible to find, and are covered by a hidden seal which only opens on Halloween and the Spring Equinox. If one does manage to find these steps, they should never venture down them, for it is impossible to ever return.

The entire cemetery, even beyond containing a gateway to hell, is supposedly quite an evil place. The main focus of this evil was a dilapidated, crumbling church that stood up until last year. This church was used by witches and occult groups for worship. The church had no ceiling, but it was said that rain would never fall inside it. If one were to take two bottles and hold them in the formation of an inverted cross, it would be impossible to break them against the walls of this church. Last year, the church was bulldozed without the consent of those who owned the land it stood upon. No one is sure who knocked down the church and why they chose to do so.

Also within this cemetery was an imposingly tall pine tree, which stood until 1998, when it was destroyed to dissuade thrill-seekers. Even though the tree was perfectly healthy, it was cut down the day before Halloween. This tree grew directly through a headstone, splitting it in half. Local lore held that the tree was used to hang witches before the land was allotted as a memorial ground. Both the church and tree were considered landmarks of evil, which would help lead the way to the mystical steps to hell located nearby.

In Stull’s history there have been a few strange facts which speak to its long reputation of being a cursed area. First, in the early 1900’s, a boy was accidentally burned to death by his own father.  A few years later, a man in town was found hanging from a tree. Both of these took place near a road known as “Devil’s Road,” which appears on old maps of Stull, although it no longer exists today. In short, Stull, Kansas has long been a place of mysterious deaths and associations with the Dark Prince.

Today, mysterious people guard Stull from disturbances.  Stories abound of curious people being terrorized and chased out of Stull by pick up trucks.  Some stories say that these trucks would trail intruders for over twenty miles!  This had lead to further speculation that there is something going on in Stull that someone wishes to hide. 

There is a cemetery in Stull where a pine tree stood stoic, sentinel on sunny, bright, winter days and would appear as a silhouette at sunset. A tombstone has been split by the enormous trunk and has become embedded in the roots. Tales of a witch being hung from the branches of the pine have been passed down through the generations.

Other witches subsequently have flocked to the cemetery on May Day Eve and Halloween to hold black masses. The witches have been known to dance around the tree.On October 30, 1998, the pine was cut down that had previously loomed over the cemetery.

Kedrich Blacwood of The Lawrence Journal-World quotes the official position of the town citizens that the tree had to be removed because it had died during the summer. Authorities have made no indication that the pine had played a role in legends of demonology that surround the cemetery or that it had anything to do with why the tree was cut down.

The ruins of the church in Stull consist of four walls and a pile of debris that used to be on Emmanuel Hill that served Stull until 1922. Since then, the legends concerning the church and the surrounding cemetery have grown as the church has decayed. The church was allegedly used by Satanists who used to, and may still use the church to have rituals.

There are many rumors of a staircase that is behind the church on the right hand side of the church if you are facing the church. The staircase is difficult to find because grass has overgrown the lid that covers the stairwell. The stairs are supposed to lead to a gateway to hell. One rumor says that if one goes down the stairs, it will take two weeks to get back up to the ground level, although it seems like only a few moments have passed. After starting to descend the stairs, it feels as if the person is being dragged down the stairs by an unknown force!

One of the most important legends is that the church serves as one of the seven portals to hell. The devil reportedly makes a personal appearance in the cemetery on Halloween at midnight to visit the grave of a witch with whom the devil had a child. Their child is said to materialize in the surrounding woods, taking on the form of a werewolf.

Visitors who have made midnight trips to the cemetery have fallen victim to various mysterious phenomena—many of them have reported experiencing missing time. They have found that although according to their watches they have spent several hours in the cemetery when all they remember is next to nothing!

For those who dare to camp out behind the church for a night or two, they will hear weird and awful noises! People who are brave enough to are encouraged to spend the night behind the church to avoid patrols performed by local police that occur every hour or two. People are encouraged to bring lots of extra batteries for their flashlights because they will have lots of problems with their flashlights going out mysteriously. It would also be a good idea to bring warm clothing, a tent and a cell phone (not to mention, telling a friend where you will be in case the devil tries to take you down to hell with him)! –Adam John Ketzner

An Entrance To Hell Itself
There are “stairs” that lead somewhere down. They are behind the church on the right side if you are facing the church. They aren’t easy to find, however, because they are well covered by the grass that has grown on top of the lid that covers them. It is not easy to find them, it took a friend and I about three hours of snooping around. We came upon this about six years ago. 
If you really want to see or hear awful and weird stuff, try to campout behind the church for a night. Do this behind the church to avoid the patrols that do drive by there at night every hour or two. Take a flashlight and plenty of batteries, because you will have a ton of trouble keeping the flashlight working and it will go out a lot, trust me, I know. – Anonymous

It’s amazing how such a small town in the middle of nowhere has managed to spawn such legends. Remember to not visit the church. The locals I’m sure are sick and tired of dealing with outsiders.

If you’d like a much more in depth video also containing more stories about Stull Cemetery. Watch below.

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